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Curriculum Vitae of Anjenita Hugo
Counselling Psychologist

Reg. Health Professions Council Of South Africa
Ps. 0060836




Masters in Counselling Psychology - 1998 - University of Pretoria



(January 1996 - February 1998)    
Training, Organizational Development, Recruitment and Selection, Trauma Debriefing and Counselling
Groblersdal (1998 - 2007)

Involved with HIV/AIDS counsellors at a rural clinic doing debriefing, training, group
therapy and support. Debriefing and counselling of personnel on request.
Assessment and standardisation of counselling process and training of HIV Counsellors.
Private practice focusing on psychotherapy with children, adolescents and adults.
Emotional and behavioural problems, adjustment difficulties, trauma, parental guidance.
Assessments: school readiness, emotional functioning of children, custody disputes.
Therapeutic approaches: Systemic and eclectic. Hypnotherapy. Sandplay therapy. Play Therapy with children. Group therapy in conjunction with Occupational Therapy groups.    

Empangeni (2007 -2011 )

Private practice focusing on psychotherapy  with children, adolescents, adults with problems on emotional, behavioural and interpersonal  levels.
Areas of focus is on: trauma (victims of crime, divorce, early childhood attachment trauma, abuse, loss and grief, accidents), adjustment, relationships, parenting and parent-child relationship, divorce mediation and guidance on custody matters,  mood disorders (anxiety, depression and bi-polar), ADHD and pervasive development disorders, addictions, conversion disorders.
Assessments of school readiness, ADHD, general school related difficulties, assessments of parent-child relationships for feedback to the family advocate, parenting plans, custody disputes, sexual trauma.  
Therapeutic approaches: Eclectic. Hypnotherapy (Ego-state, Ericksonian, Heart Centred Hypnotherapy ), EMDR, EMI, play therapy (traditional and other), Sandplay Therapy, Energy Psychology, Mindfulness based cognitive therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (Especially with Bi-Polar disorders and affect modulation difficulties).
ADHD support group facilitator.

Pretoria (2010 - current)          

Areas of focus: Children, Adolescents, Adults,

Bonding and attachment - Reactive attachment disorders and disturbed bonding due to trauma, divorce, loss, illness (babies to adults), adult attachment difficulties.  
Mood Disorders - Childhood to adulthood.
Anxiety Disorders
Divorce - Divorce mediation, Parental guidance and coaching, Pre- and post divorce counselling, psychotherapy, Parenting Plans, Reconstructive Therapy, parental alienation.
Loss and grief
Sexuality -Childhood sexual development and education. Parental guidance. Sexual trauma.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder  (ADHD) - Evaluation, management, psychotherapy, education and parental guidance.
Aspergers - Evaluation and parental guidance.
Social, emotional and behaviour difficulties
Spiritual and personal development
Assessments - Emotional functioning of children, parent-child relationships and attachment, ADHD,  school readiness


Play Therapy  - Client Centred Play Therapy for children from 3 - 10 years.

Prescriptive play therapy - A combination of play therapy approaches for the older child including puppet play, narrative approaches, gestalt techniques,  guided visualization, senso-emotional awareness,  art, sandtray and sandplay, EMDR and EMI. Theraplay is used diagnostically and therapeutically.  

Parental coaching, education and Filial Therapy - parental guidance forms an integral part of the therapeutic process with the goal to educate and develop mindful parenting in parents. By empowering the parent, healing can take place for a child and their relationships. With Filial  Therapy the parent is guided and educated as how to play with their child in such a way to improve bonding. This powerful approach often addresses psychological conflicts and bonding problems with children.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) This neuro-therapeutic approach works from the basis that the root of  internal conflicts could be unprocessed physiologically stored memories of experiences that influence current thoughts, emotions and behaviour. With Bilateral stimulation the "Adaptive Information Processing System" is activated to move the stored information to an adaptive and healthy position (F. Shapiro, 2001).

...also EMI (eye movement integration) - This neuro-therapeutic technique is a family member of EMDR. The specific and precise eye movements introduced during this process in therapy stimulate neurological associations for solutions with conflicts (Danie Beaulieu Ph.D, 2003)

Egostate Therapy -  EST - The father of EST, John G. Watkins describe it as  "a psychodynamic approach in which techniques of group and family therapy are employed to resolve conflicts between various 'ego states' that constitutes a family of self within a single individual" (Watkins 1993). EST are interweaved throughout therapy with children and adults.

Sandplay Therapy - A method for personal and psychotherapeutic  development.  The foundation of this approach is based on the psycho-analytic approach of C.J. Jung,  the  "World Technique"  of Margaret Lowenfeld and Eastern Philosophy.  Dora Kalff is the designer of SanplayTherapy. Sandplay Therapy is used with children 10 and above as well as adults.

Hypnotherapy  - Adolescents to adults. (Ericksonian, Ego State, Wellness Institute - Heart Centred Hypnotherapy)

Dialectic Behaviour Therapy - This successful process of Marsha Linehan, 1993, for especially Bipolar disorders and affect modulation. The foundation of DBT is "mindfulness based cognitive therapy" with the focus on affect toleration and modulation. DBT in a group setting is complimentary to psychotherapy and psychiatric treatment.

Coaching and education - The context is as important as the content. With education and coaching, the client, parent, child, teacher and role players are assisted in gaining a better understanding of experiences, conflicts, interventions and solutions.



"Mindful Parenting"

"Sekssprokie -Die  Misterie ontrafel" - Workshops and talks for teenagers and parents regarding sexuality and the development of a healthy sexual identity.

Your child and the development of their Sexual Identity - A talk on sexuality  from childhood to adulthood - Why the bees and birds talk is missing the mark.

Childhood development and aspects related to this - Anxiety, depression, discipline, bonding etc. For children, parents, teachers and role players in their lives .

In-House Training and awareness programmes for schools and companies. - e.g. Stress management, addictions (e.g. Internet, pornography, substance),  personal development.


  • MA Counselling Psychology - University of Pretoria - 1998
  • HYPNOTHERAPY:    Phase I - Clinical Hypnosis - South African     Society of Clinical    Hypnosis (SASCH) - 1994
Intermediate-Clinical Hypnosis - SASCH - 2000
Intermediate - Medical Hypnoanalysis  - SASCH - 2001
Intermediate - Ego State - SASCH - 2001
Advanced Level Training in Ego State Therapy - SASCH - 2005
Intermediate Intensive Training in Ericksonian Hypnosis and Psychotherapy - MEISA - 2004
Hypnosis and Sex Therapy - SASCH - 2001
Hypnotic interventions with Children - MEISA - 2007
Heart Centred Hypnotherapy -     6 days Clinical Hypnotherapy Training - 2007         
2 year internship - Wellness Institute - 2008-2009  
  • Theraplay and its Fields of Application - Prof J Piek - 1998
  • Windows to Our Children - Violet Oaklander - 2000
  • Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse - Dr Marita Brink - 2000
  • Sexual Molestation of Children: Diagnosis and Psychotherapy -Dr Marita Brink - 2000
  • Custody evaluations - The role of the Psychologist - Dr Marita Brink -      2001
  • Sibling Rivalry in Nuclear and Stepfamilies - Dr Marita Brink - 2001
  • Projective Techniques of Children - Dr Marita Brink - 2001
  • ADHD in Adolescents: Psychotherapy, Parent and Teacher Guidance - Dr Marita Brink - 2002
  • Anxiety and Depression in Children - Dr Marita Brink  - 2002
  • Dealing with Loss in Children, Adolescents and Adults - 2002
  • T.A.T. and C.A.T. analysis - Dr Marita Brink - 2002
  • Coping with Therapist Burnout - 2002
  • The Intelligent use of the Individual Intelligence Scales - Dr Marita Brink - 2003
  • Psychological Assessment - Ethical Issues - Dr Marita Brink - 2005
  • Aggressive Acting Out in Children: Differential Diagnosis and Treatment Options - Dr Marita Brink - 2003
  • Innovative Play Therapy Techniques - Dr Marita Brink - 2003
  • Breaking The Silence - Trauma Therapy Workshop for Therapists - Drs Swanepoel en Hartzenberg - 2002
  • Psychotherapy with Adults - An integration of Schemas Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy and Gestalt Therapy - Dr Marita Brink - 2003
  • ADHD in Adolescents, Psychotherapy, Parent and Teacher Guidance - Dr Marita Brink - 2002
  • Basic Rorschach Course - Dr Marita Brink - January - August 2003
  • Trauma Work with Adults and Children - Dr Marita Brink - June 2004
  • Introduction To The Nature of Trauma - Bressel Van der Kolk - 2007
  • Trauma and the use of Little Red Riding Hood - Debbie Howes - 2008
  • Fundamental Intensive Training in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy - MEISA - L de la Rey - 2009
  • The Child Epidemic - Childhood Anxiety, Depression and Suicide - 2010
  • Filial Therapy - Education Unlimited - 1999
  • Play Therapy-Advanced - Education Unlimited - 1999
  • Developmental Touch Therapy - Education Unlimited - 1999
  • Spel Terapie (Play Therapy) - Department of Social Work - University of Pretoria - 1999
  • Working with Sexually Abused, Traumatized Children and Children of Divorce - Education Unlimited - 2008
  • Eye Movement Integration - Fundamental -  EMI - MEISA - 2006
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing - EMDR - Two Part Basic Training with UMDRIA - 2009
  • Sandplay In Africa - Becoming Whole: Sandplay and Individuation in the East and the West - 9-15 July 2009 - Dr Martin & Sabine Kalff
  • Parental Alienation - Dr Ronel Duchen and Robyn Fraser - 2010
  • Psychoneurological Development in Children - Marita Brink - 2011
  • Subtle Energy - I & II - Dr Yvonne Christman USA - 2011



  • 8 th South African Psychology Congress - 2002
  • 2nd African Congress for Clinical Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine - SASCH & MEISA - 2005
  • The Best of Psychotherapy - A Congress - MEISA - February 2006
  • The Changing Face of Psychotherapy: A Congress  & United We Stand: The Second World Congress on Ego State Therapy &- MEISA -February 2006
  • The Changing Face of Psychotherapy: A Congress  & The Third World Congress on Ego State Therapy - MEISA     - February 2010
  • South African Society of Clinical Hypnosis KZN Branch - 2006 - 2010 - Participant
  • ADHD Support Group - Northern KZN - Presenter of various topics



"Die Sekssprokie - Die Misterie ontrafel" - Anjenita Hugo & Elmari Craig, Bybelmedia

  • Lig op tienerseksualiteit
  • Die seksgesprek met my tiener (vir ouers)
  • Die Sekssprokie (vir tieners)
Lig Tydskrif

Various articles in local newspapers( Groblersdal and Empangeni/Richardsbay)  for public awareness campaigns and education.


Various - At schools, churches, Radio and functions 1998 - present


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